Windows Media Diagnostic Tool

Windows Media Diagnostic Tool 1.0

A tool allowing to build a file for Microsoft's customer service
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The users can often encounter problems and errors with Windows Media Player and/or Windows Movie Maker. These porgrams gather information about your computer and its components (graphic card, processor, sound card, CD drives etc.) to help the customer service fix your problems.
This won't be directly useful for you but if you encounter problems with these two programs, then you could use this software to produce files that will facilitate the customer service's work: without these files, they are not likely to be able to he of help for you. After you have finished creating the files, a message box appears on your screen. Click on the OK button and a folder will show up, saying that you should go to the parent directory and compress the folder to a zip file. To compress a folder, right click on it, "Send to" -> "Compressed folder". A new file will appear: you'll have to send this one to Microsoft's customer service.
Please keep in mind that this software won't fix your problems. It's only creating a folder containing files holding informations about your computer: with these files, the customer service will probably be able to help you.
To conclude, if you want a program automatically fixing errors and problems with Windows Media Player or Windows Movie Maker, you should look for some other solution than this one.

John Static
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  • Automatically build the file that you'll have to send to Microsoft
  • Easy to use


  • Can't automatically send results to Microsoft
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